Recently Funian Aviation was approved the CCAR135 Air Operator Certificate at its headquarter in Shenzhen. This milestone marks the official recognition of Funian Aviation’s operation management and ground handling capabilities by the CAAC, and formally kicks off commercial charter operations.

To successfully complete this certification work, Funian Aviation, led by its management, has re-established a higher standard operation, business, and emergency manual system; seriously implemented company-wide manual learning, actively organised dangerous goods management emergency handling and other professional skill training; carried out pre-operation risk assessment, proactively identified hazards and developed mitigation and prevention measures. The successful completion of this review demonstrates Funian Aviation’s unswerving commitment to safe operations, the highest standard flight quality, and services.

At this new starting point and journey, Funian Aviation will actively explore and optimize business models under the leadership of its shareholders and management, provide more customized product options fully reflecting market demand; continue to invest in the research and development of digital and automated systems to improve operational efficiency and customer experience; utilize shareholder advantages to provide first-class training and development opportunities for employees, attract top talents to join Funian, and encourage innovation and collaboration. 

In the future, with greater passion and solid belief, we will continue to drive corporate development and breakthroughs, committing to becoming an industry leader. Funian Aviation looks forward to joining hands with global customers, employees, and partners to write the next brilliant chapter together!

About Funian Aviation

Since its establishment in 2017, Funian Aviation has been committed to providing customers with customized, high-quality charter and aircraft management services. In 2022, Funian was acquired by ExecuJet Haite, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Haite Group, and Metrojet Limited, the leading Hong Kong-based business jet operator. Both strong shareholders provide Funian a significant and stable support in financing, operation and management.

Funian Aviation currently operates a fleet of Gulfstream aircraft. In addition to its headquarters in Shenzhen, Funian and its parent company have established flight operations teams and aircraft maintenance centers in major cities across Asia. We have their own hangars in Tianjin, Hong Kong, and Mabalacat, Philippines. Thanks to our global MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) service network and partnerships with major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Funian Aviation’s customers can enjoy faster, higher-quality maintenance and inspection services at preferential prices. While ensuring safe and flexible flights, we also maximally maintain the value of the customer’s aircraft assets.