[Distributed by Comply365]

Aviation software leader Comply365 is pleased to announce that Hong-Kong based Metrojet Limited will rely on Comply365’s mobile platform to deliver personalized and targeted content to their flight crews to raise the bar on safety and efficiency.

Pilots and cabin crew at the business jet operator will have instant mobile access to their most updated operational content, with the ability to quickly search and personalize their documents. Comply365’s solutions will help Metrojet continue to excel in its top priorities of safety and quality by driving higher rates of compliance with real-time reporting insights.

“We are excited at the prospect of implementing Comply365. This platform will provide Metrojet with a reliable solution for the automated distribution and management of flight-related documents directly to flight crew EFB’s,” said Kobus Swart, Director, Flight Operations at Metrojet Limited.

“Making use of a tried and tested document sharing solution such as Comply365 enhances safety and security and raises the Metrojet level of service for our clients and flight crew. In Metrojet’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and enhance sustainability, Comply365 offers us less manpower, greater efficiency, and a paperless environment,” Swart said.

As a highly respected business jet company in Greater China and Southeast Asia, Metrojet’s business aviation services include aircraft management, maintenance, charter, and consultancy services. As part of the Kadoorie Group, which pioneered business aviation in Hong Kong, Metrojet became the first business jet operator in Hong Kong in 1997 and is the first and only local operator recognized by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) for its 10-year participation in International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). Metrojet received its first IS-BAO certificate in 2011 and is now the highest Stage 3 IS-BAO certificate holder.

Not only will flight crews have both online and offline access to important content, but they will be able to send routine data or critical facts to their offices with Comply365’s electronic forms. By replacing a combination of paper and PDF forms, Comply365’s solution will allow the operator to increase productivity and improve operational performance.

“We are excited to welcome Metrojet into our community of Comply365 users, and to see them realize the benefits of a more efficient, digital operation,” Comply365 CEO Tom Samuel said. “It’s wonderful to create partnerships with customers with such a drive for technology and innovation, and we’re confident our solutions will help Metrojet uphold their great reputation for quality, reliable service while providing them with greater insights into their data.”


Comply365 is the leading provider of enterprise SaaS and mobile solutions for content management and document distribution in highly regulated industries including aviation, rail, and energy. Comply365 supports the world’s most mobile and remote workforces with targeted and personalized delivery of job-critical data that enables safe, efficient, and compliant operations. Every day, hundreds of thousands of pilots, flight attendants, maintenance technicians, rail conductors and engineers, and energy workers rely on Comply365 for digital delivery of operational (OEM and company) manuals. Having played an instrumental role in the FAA’s approval of replacing the traditional, paper-based, pilot flight bags with electronic flight bags (EFBs), Comply365 partners with clients to transform their industries.