The Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) of Metrojet Limited has recently supported an aircraft evaluation on a third-party Gulfstream G650 aircraft in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China. The in-depth evaluation was completed in 3 days by a team of G650 licensed CAMO engineers from the Metrojet Hong Kong headquarters. The aircraft evaluation involved airworthiness review, document inspection, aircraft technical evaluation, sales advice, and management consultation.

The Metrojet CAMO team has also conducted an independent audit on another G650 aircraft for a financing company. The licensed and type-trained CAMO engineers performed a physical aircraft inspection and assessed the aircraft warranty and damage history on paper. The work was completed by the same team which streamlined the overall process, reducing the time and cost incurred by the client.

Metrojet’s CEO, Mr Gary Dolski commented, “We are starting to see a slight increase in the preowned market activity post-pandemic. The wide range of capabilities of our CAMO team not only adds value to our existing management services but also benefits our management and third-party clients in any new or preowned aircraft acquisition. We continue to invest in our people and enrich our holistic one-stop-shop services for our clients.”