Metrojet has forged a strategic partnership with, a specialist in workplace substance testing, to introduce a robust alcohol and drug policy in Metrojet Hong Kong. We take the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD)’s CAD373 regulations as the foundation to develop this policy and further extend it to all employees.

As part of this initiative, all Metrojet employees are required to participate in a mandatory education programme which aims to raise awareness about responsible substance use and its impact on safety, productivity, and overall well-being. To maintain a secure working environment, randomly selects 20% of Metrojet’s employees for breath and urine drug tests every year. completes the testing procedure onsite, and if required these samples will undergo further rigorous analysis at a certified laboratory. Metrojet is very pleased to announce that the recent round of random testing yielded negative results for all sampled employees. This outcome underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to safety, responsible behaviour, and corporate excellence.

Metrojet’s pivotal dedication to safety extends beyond our clients to our own team, and we firmly believe that a proper alcohol and drug policy is essential for maintaining a secure and healthy work environment.