Hong Kong-based Metrojet Limited and its team members have recently been awarded multiple Safety Awards by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). These awards serve as testimony to the exemplary safety standards that Metrojet upholds and pay tribute to the professionalism that the staff demonstrate.

Since joining the NBAA as a corporate member in 2007, Metrojet has flown 63,150 consecutive hours with no incidents or accidents, and for this achievement, was awarded both the Aviation Maintenance Department Safety Award and the Corporate Business Flying Safety Award.  Captains Michael Palmer and Peter Lawrie, Engineers Mr Arcel Diaz and Mr James Ma, and Dispatcher Ms Frances Pang were individually conferred the Safety Awards for operating business aircraft or providing professional maintenance/dispatcher services without an accident involving damage to property or injury to persons.

“At Metrojet, safety takes precedence over all business activities. We have a 24-year history of accident-free operations. These awards recognise our organisation and acknowledge the dedication of our staff towards safety at work, and their collective support and standards contributing to protecting our clients, business partners and each other,” said Mr Gary Dolski, Chief Executive Officer at Metrojet Limited.