AsBAA Sits Down with Metrojet CEO Gary Dolski

Quoting an AsBAA’s post:

“To inaugurate AsBAA’s COO Column, AsBAA COO Jeff Chiang sat down with Metrojet CEO Gary Dolski for his inside story about one of Asia’s first and  most renowned business jet management companies. Join us in Gary Dolski’s personal office to explore how Metrojet inspired fundamental change in the industry, attract talent, and lead innovative programs.”

It is also interesting to know that Metrojet was one of the key members in raising the idea to found AsBAA (“ABAA” back in the times)! You may click the below to enjoy the full version of the video interview.

Thank you again for the support to Metrojet and we appreciate audience to show also your support to the association and watch the video interview on AsBAA’s website.