Prioritising Employee Well-being And Productivity

Metrojet Limited is pleased to announce the official implementation of our new Flexible Work Arrangement policy in the Hong Kong Headquarters which commenced in April 2023. Under the new policy, non-operational office staff have shifted their work pattern from a traditional five-day work per week to a new mode of four days in the office and one day working remotely. The new initiative reflects the voices shared in the Company’s latest employee survey.

Aside from the remote working measures, the new policy also encourages employees to work any eight hours on a business day between 7am and 7pm, providing the staff with increased flexibility and reduced commuting stress during peak office travel hours. The policy has been running on a trial basis since October 2022 and will be extended to the other Metrojet operational sites in the future.

Metrojet’s Director, Human Resources, Ms Mabel Yiu commented, “Our employees are our most valuable asset. Being the longest-serving business jet operator in Hong Kong, Metrojet prides itself on our heritage and being a pioneer in innovation. We strongly believe that investment in our employees’ well-being leads to better work productivity, professional staff growth and job satisfaction. We are happy with the successful outcome over the past half year trial period and will continue to cultivate a healthy work environment to become the Employer of Choice in the APAC business aviation market.”