The Women in Aviation Association in Asia is launching its website today. Metrojet is very honoured to be one of the first partners supporting the association and to assist in channelling greater awareness and career equality to women within this gender-niche aviation industry.

Our core values bring us together for this collaboration. Metrojet was founded by our aviation passionate Chairman; the Honourable Sir Michael Kadoorie and is the first business aviation operator based in Hong Kong. Sir Michael is an inspirational individual who leads by example and has always asserted that one should embrace and pursue their own dreams regardless of their nationality, race, and gender. Metrojet prides ourselves on providing a progressive, safe, career enhancing and caring work environment to our staff and on being an active advocate towards gender equality. In Metrojet, one-third of our staff are female, with many in current management positions. Our senior leadership team consists of a balanced mix of females vs males and locals vs foreigners. We are also one of the first operators in Hong Kong and the Asia region to employ female pilots and engineers.

The world keeps changing and our business aviation industry and community need to hear different voices, providing alternate views resulting in better solutions. Metrojet is an innovative company that firmly believes that a big step towards a positive change is by supporting the advancement of Women in Aviation for the betterment of our industry.